Hechizera: Sus Sultry Spells

This poetry collection takes Diosa Xochiquetzalcóatl’s first poetry book, A Church of My Own, and puts it on it’s head! She has affectionately dubbed Hechizera: Sus Sultry Spells as “The Church’s Basement.” Although this poetry collection is not part of a series, it does seem to a possess a sequential juxtaposition. But fear not! If you have not read her first book, A Church of My Own, this book still stands on its own!

Hechizera: Sus Sultry Spells, is a multilingual poetry collection that takes a deep dive into the land of the 13 Underworlds, the land of Hades and Persephone, the land of Mictlan. In this poetry collection, we explore our shadow selves, our wounded warrior, that side of humanity that is looked down upon. With the guidance of Xochiquetzal, the Mexica Goddess of beauty, sex, and fertility, Diosa X makes us lick our wounds, embrace our own sexuality and sensuality as well as our feminine power by bringing this darkness to the light, giving birth to the new world, the Aquarian Era, el Sexto Sol.

Available in print and on Kindle.