What’s in a Name?

Adriana Citlali Brenes-Rios is the writer behind the pen name Diosa Xochiquetzalcóatl. The name Diosa means “Goddess” in Spanish and Xochiquetzalcóatl comes from the Nahuatl language. The name itself has many meanings, depending on how one wants to divide the three-word compilation. Xochiquetzal is known as the Mexica deity of fertility, sexuality, and pregnancy, whereas cóatl means “snake.” Xochitl means “flower,” whereas Quetzalcóatl is the Mexica deity of wind, motion, and wisdom. If we take the name and break it down into its three words, we have: xochitl, meaning “flower;” quetzal, meaning “bird;” and cóatl, meaning “snake”—collectively, the “blossoming of spiritual enlightenment.” Either way, Adriana Citlali resonates with all of these, and as thus, takes you on a poetic journey through the beginning phases of the Sixth Sun, the Aquarian Age, and the New World in an attempt to shed outdated belief systems, dismantle the oppressive structures of the past, and bring to light that which serves the greater good.

About the Author

Diosa Xochiquetzalcóatl first published her poetry back in high school in her alma mater’s bilingual literary magazine, Las Voces. She has been published in both in English and Spanish in Hispanic LA’s Online Magazine; in Centro Cultural de Mexico’s Antología Poética: Artivismo; Pisces Publishing Anthology, Once Upon a Poem; in Four Feathers Press’s, Scenes of California: Vol 2 – Poetry of Places; Spectrum 31’s, Spring 2022 Collection.

Diosa X has been a featured guest/reader for the Panamanian International & East La Film Festival’s Take 2 Spoken Word, Los Angeles Poet Society, Pomona Art Walk, Sims Library’s Book Fair, La Otra Fil’s Mil Mujeres, Clubhouse’s Dark Side of the Truth, El Muzeo’s Poetic Voices, Latinas in Hollywood: Herstories, Boca de Oro, Tersoro Invitational, Centro Cultural de Mexico’s Dia de las Mujeres, Poetik LA, Floricanto’s Peña Cultural, Tumblewords, 2 Mexicanas Norteadas, KPFK, and The Post Up,

She has been teaching and writing since her tender preteen years and looks forward to spending the remainder of her life on this planet living out her mission as a scribe of the people and for the people.

Diosa X currently lives in her self-made sanctuary, which she endearingly calls, Rancho Paraíso de las Diosas, located in sunny Southern California.


May we always continue to seek the light in the darkest moments of our journey.

~Adriana Citlali Brenes-Rios